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Granite has been used as a building material for thousands of years. Its near diamond-hard surface resists heat, scratches and stains. Granite protects mold and mildew , while offering an endless variety of different patterns of veins , specks, and swirls . Each granite slab is one -of - a- kind natural creation, which makes an ordinary 
ordinary rack a thing of beauty.
For more colors and slab please visit :  or call us 914-377-0888.

Granite Counter Top

Q Premium Natural Quartz is a natural quartz surface by an optimal fusion of more
than 90% quartz and resin materials. Quartz is naturally beautiful yet incredibly durable . Treated and pressed , natural quartz stone is one of nature's hardest minerals . All slabs are available in 2cm & 3cm .For more information visit  or  call us 914-377-0888!


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